The Ultimate Presentation Skills Online Masterclass

From international speaker and broadcaster, Jez Rose

If you can't get to one of Jez's Speaking & Presenting Live Masterclasses, this is the next best thing... 

"For many years, I received hundreds of emails asking me to share tips and secrets on public speaking and presenting skills; requests for advice on how to present professionally, fluently and in a way that is memorable."

After years of consideration, I'm very pleased to launch this brand new Presentation Skills Masterclass, designed to be the ultimate public speaking and presenter training programme. 

  • Do you have to speak or present in front of audiences; whether in sales meetings, product pitches, board meetings or conferences? 
  • Do you want to enhance your speaking and presenting skills? 
  • Do you need to improve your confidence or reduce nerves when speaking in public?

Then this is for you. 

This isn't for people wanting to become a professional speaker, although it would be a great start. 

Who is it for? 

The Presentation Skills Masterclass has been designed for those required to speak or present to groups. I've created a very special online Masterclass platform, allowing you to learn and progress at your own speed, in your own time, anywhere that you're able to access the internet - even on a mobile device. 

What is it? 

It's an online learning platform packed full of content! I offer examples of powerful ideas and substance to make your presentations more enjoyable and interesting; how to open and close your presentations and tips, tools and techniques that my experience working worldwide as a speaker and broadcaster have taught me over the past 14 years, to hundreds of thousands of people. 

  • Use "My Plan" to help guide your learning journey 
  • View and download PDF tip sheets and resources 
  • Watch and listen to especially curated videos and podcasts from some of the finest orators and presenters, to learn specific techniques and skills. 
  • A very special section dedicated just to designing and using PowerPoint and presentation slides for maximum impact.
  • Exclusive 4 hour footage from a live seminar - take a seat and listen as I present on speaking and presenting secrets from my 14 year career, split into easily watchable shorter videos.
  • Professional, licence-free resources for you to use and adapt.

I'm very proud of this Masterclass and I'm revealing ALL of my secrets to speaking and presenting professionally. 

I mean it. 

I'm not holding anything back: from what to wear and why it makes a difference; to which pens to use (sounds silly I know but the explanation is a real "aha!" moment); the pitfalls to avoid when creating slide decks to avoid "death by PowerPoint", and how to enhance your confidence about presenting in front of groups of people using a diabolically powerful, yet simple method."

Behind the Scenes!

Take a peek at the content!

  • 1

    First Things First

    • First Things First: Welcome

    • First Things First: Some Rules!

  • 2


    • Content: Where Do I Start?

    • Content: Structuring Your Presentation

    • Content: Masterclass Live Introduction

    • Content: Masterclass Live - part 1 (What to Talk About)

    • Content: Masterclass Live - part 2 (What to Talk About)

    • Content: Masterclass Live - part 3 (Openers, Middle Bits & Closers)

    • Content: More Thoughts on Opening

    • Content: Scripts vs Notes

    • Content: Example of Jez's Notes

  • 3

    Inspiration: Introduction

    • Inspiration: Introduction

    • Inspiration: It's All Around Us

  • 4

    Inspiration: Books

    • Books: Introduction

    • Recommended Reading List

  • 5

    Inspiration: TED Talks & Videos

    • Inspiration: TED Talks & Videos: Introduction

    • TED Talk: Steve Jobs - How to Live Before You Die

    • TED Talk: Mary Roach - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm

    • TED Talk: Arthur Benjamin - A Performance of Mathemagic

    • TED Talk: Apollo Robbins - The Art of Misdirection

    • TED Talk: David Gallo - Underwater Astonishments

    • TED Talk: Jill Bolte Taylor - A Powerful Stroke of Insight

    • TED Talk: Ruby Wax - What's So Funny About Mental Illness?

    • TED Talk: Jez Rose - Give A Little; Keep A Lot

    • TED Talk: Jez Rose - Find the Gap; We Are Killing Our Freedom

    • Video: Robert Kennedy - Announcing the Death of Martin Luther King Jr

    • TED Talk: Brené Brown - On Vulnerability

    • TED Talk: Susan Cain - The Power of Introverts

    • Video: Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture

    • TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson - Schools Kill Creativity

    • TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson - How to Escape Education's Death Valley

    • TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson - Bring On the Revolution

    • TED Talk: Amy Cuddy - Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

    • TED Talk: James Veitch - This Is What Happens When You Reply to Spam

    • TED Talk: Jon Ronson - Strange Answers to The Psychopath Test

    • TED Talk: David Blaine - How I Held My Breath for 17 Minutes

  • 6

    Inspiration: Podcasts & Audio

    • Inspiration: Podcasts & Audio: Introduction

    • Podcast: Roots, Wings & Other Things with Jez Rose and Adam Frost

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Sandi Toksvig

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Russell Brand

    • Podcast: The Comedian's Comedian Podcast - Jimmy Carr

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Tom Hanks

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Stephen Fry

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Dame Judi Dench

    • Podcast: Desert Island Discs - Kenneth Williams

  • 7


    • Confidence: Finding Confidence

    • Confidence: More Thoughts on Confidence

    • Confidence: Mindfulness of Breath Exercise Introduction

    • Confidence: Mindfulness of Breath Exercise

  • 8

    Props & Visuals

    • Introduction

    • Props & Visuals: A Tantalising List!

    • Props & Visuals: The Rice Jar Suspension

    • Masterclass Live - part 5 (The Rice Jar Suspension Demonstration)

  • 9

    Props & Visuals: PowerPoint

    • Props & Visuals: PowerPoint: Introduction

    • Masterclass Live - part 4 (PowerPoint Secrets)

    • Props & Visuals: PowerPoint: PowerPoint Guidelines

    • Props & Visuals: PowerPoint: Example of My PowerPoint Slide Deck (2019)

  • 10

    Presenting Skills & Techniques

    • Presenting Skills & Techniques: Storytelling

    • Presenting Skills & Techniques: Metaphors

  • 11

    Additional Resources

    • Additional Resources: Top Tips

    • Additional Resources: Technical Tips

    • Additional Resources: Final Thoughts: Getting Feedback

    • Additional Resources: Final Thoughts

  • 12


    • Contacting Us

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Howard Wing

"He isn't charging enough! Where else can you get full on insider secrets from one of the best speakers on the planet, on how to give awesome presentations? Nowhere! What Jez shared has truly helped me to up my game... Truly priceless!"

100x Recommended

Jen Hamley

"Can you believe I dreamt about public speaking last night? And it was a success! Thank you Jez for all the amazing tricks and tips and for making me laugh. Brilliant and 100 times recommended."

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Marie Cross

"I would recommend ANYONE who has to present to anyone in order to influence their thinking or decision to act, to get on his next Speaker Masterclass NOW. It'll be sold out in no time given the phenomenal feedback we've all given."